Tuesday, April 06, 2010


“Dumbo! I am dropping dead, revive me……. it’s me! Your favourite time pass… it’s your blog. Moron!”

Sincerely true.. I am not doing justice to my blog. I even don’t know when I wrote last time.. and why I left writing ? Simple reason why I write is I want to talk to myself… the inner self. That is the only reason I write. I know I was irregularly regular posting blogs, reason being simple I never wanted to become a blogger :)… word is not my business.

Change of work station, exam, ever coming and going electricity, my old laptop and it’s exhausted battery, and lastly I forgot the password… these are the simple and silly reasons I can list upon for not writing blog. One more thing I must mention is internet connection… really people I am banging my head to get the stable net connection…and for last 7 days I am deprived with it again….may be it will take one more month. The reason that fits more is I was alone so far I was writing; better say I was talking to myself. When I started staying with family I started talking with them and I forgot talking to self :) another silly reason to justify my laziness. Then why I am soiling my head with textual diarrhea today? Do I have answer for it?? A big NO…

Few people know I write blog and very few people read it erroneously till they are bored. Yesterday, I admitted I write it, that too accidentally. So the mission of retrieving a long lost password was begun and finally I could do it…very truly said “what happens, happens for the best”

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