Thursday, March 19, 2009

Delhi trip

There are occasions nobody knows what happens next in life? I am blogging from the airport that too I don’t need to log in my laptop and enable Wi-Fi to connect. I don’t need to buy the Wi-Fi coupon anymore. Thanks airtel for everything they have provided. They have installed some of the system called "internet kiosk" inside Delhi airport and here I am.

Writing about self...... No one knows why I was landed in delhi all of a sudden. But for god shake no one asked why? But all asked when? In addition, when are you leaving? Thanks god for their faith upon me. Thanks for knowing me in the form I was. And i promise I will be same.

My family knows why I was hurried to Delhi. I was suppose to attend DNB final exam.

Apart from this event and some monitory loss for plane ticket and delaying the ticket for few days, but I was blessed with many new surprises in Delhi.

Mentioning few of them, my paper was published in the "orthopaedic today" the paper I wrote long time back when I was leaving Delhi. It was a review article for the femoral stem design and its status in world. Remembering that paper, I think writing a review article has now become easy for me. Any body who reads it can judge the implant design and the result worldwide. In fact, it is a review and summary of such femoral designs world wide right from Swedish hip registry, Australian hip registry and British hip registry. I am happy for their faith and many many thanks for my prof. who have tremendous faith upon me. He did not even changed the sentence of it and allowed it to go to the print as it was written.

Another was article call by Elsevier publication. Long time back I send some article to Elsevier. Last time they send it back as they have many articles pending for publications. Now they sent me the mail stating I should write them back for that article. Very interestingly I got that mail. I was checking mail in my senior’s room and he pointed out that mail from Elsevier. "kya bat hai article call kar rahe Elsevier wale tere se" then only I checked that mail. Else I would have considered it as spam mail. Success comes in life as an installment. May be this is the way god wants and happens so.

Worth mentioning was my research paper has been accepted as a poster in Vienna Austria the 10th congress of EFORT starting from 3rd June. I wish to be there if things are favorable, else my prof will present it. During my Delhi stay, we have already finalized the slides for the poster. With in few days it will be printed.

The other being I checked my ranchi SBI account with ATM card and found some cash in some 5 digit. I never had an intuition that the increment of the internship will be forwarded in the same account. Thank god, it helped me a lot to buy my MRCS books. I was almost bankrupt in Delhi because my debit card was not working there somehow. This is the reason I prefer to carry cash. You never know when your card stops working.

Will update some more once I am back to home. It’s difficult to type while standing that too from the airport. It’s wise enough to leave this system to otherpeople who needs more to check mails. Have a good day… a boarding pass but not yet boarded inside the flight…..

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