Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy day

The scorching sun of mid summer in Delhi reminds me the comfortable stay in Ranchi. I have vivid memory of my most comfortable summer of kathmandu. The summer was so rainy in Ranchi even a lazy like me bought an umbrella just because I wanted to enjoy rain. I love rain not because it gives me a comfortable sleep in summer, but because I want to feel it, taste it. Come out of fear of getting fever and sick, wear light clothes and a pair of slipper which on wetting makes crackle sound with every step. March to the field like you are the only creature in the heaven. I enjoy walking over football field. You feel like you are walking over the water cushion. The effect of water cushion, though directly over foot transmit a sensation up to your brain. The sensation each of us should feel. You feel like sedated, elated and exalted slowly. You feel like singing, shouting and crying. Sing till your throat sores, shout till you feel released, and cry till you feel light because no one knows you are crying.

After I came to Delhi, I hardly saw sun and rain. Day time I used to be inside concrete forest healing other’s pain. Night was mine and I used to sleep. Next day I used to see greenery, soaked ground, and my favorite muddy fragrance; which I used to sniff every rainy day. The smell is more at the starting of rain just before the ground is sufficiently wet. Initial drops of rain displace the dust and spread its fragrance. Oh god let me feel the same once again.

More than that, I enjoy watching the rain. The moment there accumulates some water in the ground there starts the magic. Each big drop strikes the water over ground and forms the bubble. The tail of bubble goes high and breaks up. I enjoy watching the bubble hoping this bubble to increase in size gradually. I am crazy for this, each time I expect the bubble to grow. But my dream never comes true. I am happy that my curiosity still keeps me alive to watch rain bubble.

Since last few days I have time to enjoy rain to reach the core of my childhood. Only thing I can’t do is fishing. I feel like smiling at my premature perception that wherever there is water there is fish. I used to search fish every rainy day but I could only get tadpoles. I really want to do the same, please god cry with lot of tears and I will add some to yours, a tear of happiness, pleasure, and a fond memories of childhood and what all I wanted to do since long.

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