Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post EXam.......

All of a sudden my routine has changed. I feel like i am out of the way of my normal activities. Except lunch an dinner everything has changed. I used to move on seconds, eat on minutes, sleep fixed hours and read particular hours. Everything thing has changed , as if i am a prisoner released from jail. A rigorous prison of 3 years, yet i enjoyed though i was kept in jail.

I was enjoying my freedom after exams, Waiting for the results to come. Time for an unofficial result to be declared as official. Funny thing about exam was i got MS degree an A -$ sized printed paper and signed on it . Medical students gaze at it, some raise their eye brows and say WOW MS orthopaedics from AIIMS. Normal to abnormal, rare to rarest, worst managed to ill treated cases; all taught me the real orthopaedics. On top of that the vast experience from our bosses, though they were not keen to share, still i could cheat some from them. I think all this makes the post graduate a different from the rest. Didn't know the real differences but at the end of three years i realize the best place to learn orthpaedics is my institute, the faith of every sufferers and needy. I am happy and lucky in this regard, that i am the institute post graduate

what i gave up to achieve all above is damn funny. Many meals, many sleepless night, frustrated hour, many boring rounds, and scolding hours and finally the mere presence of this creature in only library for seven months. This is what i dedicated to the exam. Worth mentioning was a 5 kg increase in weight, literally crying chair of library, and excessively falling hairs from scalp changing my appearance were the funny events of exam. It would be unfair if i say i was not stressed during exams. Worth mentioning was a continuous support from friends and well wishers made me realize it as a normal process of life. And i took it as the same way. Repeating thanks to all once again.

I slept like a new born after exam. "Khawo piyo sojao and mast raho" was my attitude. Though my colleague objected my presence in library after exam,I don't mind. I enjoy to be there though I study or not. I am to be there to read and enjoy. earlier i was there to study now I am there to Read. I guess it needs no further clarification.

I broke the boundaries of AIIMS many times. Best experience was the metro ride. For me metro was a TV show and a spellbound story from my friends. This time i feel it. A short journey from central secretariat to chandani chowk, the few minutes journey changed my feeling of typical bus lover to metro lover. The system and regulations of metro gave me the lesson of systematic approach to life for the successful outcome.

Not to forget was a Delhi-haat exploration and delhi roam. Hauz Khaas village visit with an interesting friend was another memorable event. Confused what to call it? A life time memorable event; I should never forget or should I always remember?

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