Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Same routine….

Feeling better. Day time I felt drowsiness. Started on intravenous fluid and antibiotics. Slept for few hours and started feeling better.

From evening resumed to routine duty. I was given a ward cover. Its a boring duty. Need to go to ward to look after post operative patients. Everybody seems to be fine.

Don’t know what will happen in the night. They may call me in the night. Till then I can share my time for what I like and what I mean to.

I thought of taking a photograph of my working place. Everyday I used to forget. Today seems to be right day. I clicked few and making it public. This is department of orthopaedics of the great all India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi.

Nothing more to write. Lot of things to do. Guess I should stop now.

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