Monday, July 31, 2006

oh god save me !

I never thought of beaing a patient apart from few minor problems in my health. i was busy treating others as usual. got up early in the morning with cramps in the abdomen. i noded my head and tried to find out where i have been last night and what i have ingested. same routine, same food still i could not point out the cause.

it was really embarasing going to toilet every half an hour. dont know what is happening. waited for hours to recover stiil there were no signs of change.i was supposed to go to the duty. i was worried whate to do now. i was getting weaker. cannot imagine how many liters of fluid i have passed.

still i went to the department and requested my prof. regarding my condition. so that he can make an alternative arrangement for the duty. i asked rest for today.i was permitted and told to take care. with a little hope of recovery i came to my room.

as usual people remember god at their most. same here i am praying god for a little hope, and speedy recovery. oh god save me!

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