Saturday, August 12, 2006

Woof so tired

This week was so busy, rather say hectic and tiring. Don no what will happen next week. If the same routine keeps on going I will loose few more pounds that I don’t want.

This week every second day was my 24 hour duty. 24 hour duty becomes 30 hours by the time i am free. Every case should be cleared from casualty before ending up the duty. This sucks me. And irritating problem is patients come to casualty at 7:55 and case of poly trauma at 7:55 will be my responsibility. It will definitely take hours and hours to manage and settle the problem. Till then I have to be there even after finishing the duty hours. This is how I don’t like this Asian system of working. Let’s say an American resident work for 24 hours means its 24 and no more than a second, next will come to free him. But this system of working less and crying more never can be changed if you are a sincere and hard working. people will keep on making you do work.

Till now I consider residency in Asian countries is a slavery nothing more. It’s an academic prostitution. Whole day you work for patient. No duty limitation, no human right, no basic rights of humanity (no time to have food and sleep in time, no personal life) and on top of that you will be screwed like a prostitute for mistakes. Sometimes you will loose self respect. I know much about Asian countries: everywhere residency is same with some personal, and institutional variation. Any time senior be faculty or senior colleague are ready for your faults. They are expert in finding what you have not done rather than what you have finished and how much it has contributed to the department. Everywhere principal is senior should not work and especially get their physical work done from the juniors. This holds true whether its best institute or worst. Punishment and punishment is the basic theory. The new trend is not teaching junior if their work is not done or they are not happy. Worse than a prostitute. She is paid whether you are satisfied or not. To get money is her right if she sleeps with you.

What sucks more is if you are doing residency in surgical fields you need seniors help to train yourself. This starts an exploitation of human labour. One side you have to get degree from department and other side you need to have help from senior colleague and it cuts both way. Both senior and faculty you have to satisfy. And you are the junior most; a new and young prostitute in the brothel !

And my status is a voluntary prostitute. A prostitute who satisfies a customer and his friends in a belief that main customer likes and marry her.

I don’t know whose fault is this. I am doing residency in this India’s great institute with no stipend. May be its my fault cause I came here. What a nonsense rule . foreign and sponsor are categorized in a same . its acceptable that a sponsored candidate gets stipend from his authority but what abut this poor foreign national. No sponsoring authority and no financial support at the age of 25 26 years life, you don’t have to search for a hell any more.

I am working like an obedient dog in a high hope that I will get a degree from a reputed institute no matter what quality i hold after getting a degree. I don’t think we will be an extra ordinary post graduate from this great institute itself. Still why this pseudo craze.

Since last few years there are people who are leaving even after getting admitted in this so called best institute ; a macca for every medical student.

What ever, once you are here for month’s time you have no option. Either continue in the way other like or leave. …….

No time to finish it …will write next time.

To be continued…….

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