Monday, July 31, 2006

At last i did it !

I was always thiking of cleaning my room since the begining of this month. sometimes i was busy and when i got time i turned to be lazy . but my room was getting worse .fully disorganised even could not find what i was expecting.

Today i was determined to take out at least few kilos of dust from my room. dust is of no use or else i would have got few dollars selling it. i got up early just to get started. within no time i got mentally exausted .i was worried how to start which corner to clean first ? no corner was left tidy. even celling was a best palace for spiders.

so again i slept.this is the only thing i can do without others help.i thought of taking help from lobbey servants. but this hurt my pride of doing everything self. keeping all this things in mind i slept .by the time i woke up it was 12 o clock. there was no duty today otherwise what would be my situation. i would have again scolded heavily for not going duty in time;a first and last threat .

i was still inconstant regarding my room . missed my breakfast, and i was 3 hour late to have lunch.i got up at 3 o clock.took a bath and went for lunch. by the time i reached canteen it was closed. quickly had a maggie and a cup of tea.i know it was not suficient for my stomach. still satisfied thinking sometimes you need to keep fast.

when i reached my room i was again to start ? i immediately left the room and marched towards library. read for couple of hours and had dinner. with energy and motivation i came to room again. this time i was energetic. i thought i will do it at any cost.
i was late to start. by the time i started few finished. and few more and few more.atlast few was left.with a smile in my face i was busy taking a snap as it was cleaned after a months. transfered it to my laptop and started gazing. oh is it my room? really it was loking nice to me.

checked mail and send it to few places. i considered it be my achievement of the day .

ohhh tomorrow is my 24 hours duty in the casualty. i shold sleep now .hope i can very well sleep in my clean and lovely bed today.dont you believe? check this out....

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