Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Feeling better....

Feeling better at the end of 4th day. The first ever experience with viral diarrhea will last in my life, if not for always, for few years sure. I think I need to think about vaccines if they are available in Kathmandu. Every year viral fever threats me and the symptoms persists for a fortnight, dry cough, early morning cough with sputum, red eyes and malaise persists for couple of days though the fever and chest symptoms subsides. I don’t think my immunity has been so weak. May be the new and virulent strains of virus are evolving. I guess google would give me the ways and means to increase the immunity. I doubt vegie are prone to viral illness. I don’t have data to support my own statement.

I can see everybody happy in the home now. My concern was different. I had almost isolated myself because there were new born in family. I bless them not to contract any viral illness me as a source. And the virus was really stubborn this time. It was a tough time to stay inside room for 4 complete days and night. It was almost like a prison for me. Thanks to laptop, mobile, landline and few books that made it possible. I think from tomorrow onwards I will resume few of my works. But I cannot imagine how will I recover my strength. I am really weak and lost few pounds. May all virus leave in peace. I have sacrificed a lot for you. Please allow me to go for work from tomorrow.

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