Tuesday, December 04, 2007

back in track.

At the back of my mind there plays something, at the mid of my heart there drowns something.life is full of uncertatnity.. apart from being tensed off and freustrated for hours and hours, there is nothing new this week.

slowly my worries are lessened. fraustration seems fading. no more palpitation, a deep breath and no bad dreams.

i am trying to kep my life back in track. studies should be my priorities now. will try to finish few publications. duty as usal is cool these days. no more trauma cases in aiims. its good one way for me..but think at their side who has just joined the department. whatever its not my businnes.

next month is the new year. dont have any resolution yet. but i need to cut down my amount and cups of tea per day. its a mater of concern to me even. lets hope i could do it.

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