Sunday, November 18, 2007

once again i am here....still alive..

Not every day I get time to write. I thought of getting software which can convert word to text. Keep talking in the microphone and it will type as your need. Tried a lot to get it. At last got it but tired of training it. It’s trained for American people. Our accent stretches word like anything…. Not much of use especially a guy like me who started learning English in upper classes of my high school. A complete nepali medium school now exists nowhere because of poor performance in 10th. Government banned it for not performing in 10th . So Better type it in the speed the tortoise poses in the story we read in lower classes.

I heard of photo blog. But I don’t carry my digi cam always. The time I need it’s in the room. Sucks….some event are single time events in life. If caught reminds longer. So planning to buy a mobile with better resolution camera. But its too costly. And I am a bankrupt chap…..

Any way I got few photo graphs from my fren. She is a journalist. She cares more about all the things. Probably she collected from net only…. No problem regarding copy right…no one will sue me for using it in my blog..

The opposite pole of the picture with same meaning. The real value of water what could be…..i simply loved the photgraph…..nice humor…anyway thanks for sending me the photograph…..

Life is same… I am same…what can be expected next …time to take rest… I can but don’t want to awake more. A temporary voluntary death …..

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