Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The memory lingers. It was a wind-swept day in the Himalayan kingdom, a blind alley of Jorpati–2 Nayabasti, The sun played hide and seek with the clouds.... and a child burst into tears; a ray of hope for the parents and a jubliant moment for the relatives, began his journey. A journey as distant as horizon, a journey of life. Yes! it was 5th august.

I was admitted to a nearby school, Amar Adarsha Madhayamik Vidyalaya-Baneshwor, the school of life where I studied the books of nature for 10 years.

To overflow with ideas , to put up the good fight; a fight of hand and mouth-a fight of survival. It needed a higher education.

Mind was not constant, as inconstant as moon. Finally I joined Viswaniketan Science college-Tripureswor, taking biology as my major. Dissection of formalin killed frogs and slippery earthworms made me “Pseudo-Doctor” . But my goal was as far as the two poles, difficult not easy like ABC….. .but not impossible.

They say success is sweet but its secret is sweat .It was the year 1998 sweet turned into tears, the tears of happiness rolled from my eyes and trickled into my mouth. Wow! it was sweet like honey. The year 2004 awarded me the degree of medical graduate.I become a Doctor(one of the happiest moment in my life.)

The year 2005 gifted me a mind boggling success. I joined residency in All India Institue of Medical Sciences, a dream destination of every medical student for residency.

For me living and loving oneself is the beginning of life long romance. Sleeping is my hobby. A great support system "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY" is the flash of inspiration in my life.

Friends should be as alike as two peas. Friendship as clear as crystal mean the world to me.

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